No More Jorge Valdano

Today, we got the news that the Director General of Real Madrid, Jorge Valdano has been sacked by Florentino Perez, the President of Real Madrid CF. This news comes in after a season which saw Valdano and Jose clashing together on several occasions regarding issues related to transfer policy and team selection.

Jose Mourinho, wherever he has been, always wanted to have complete control over the club. In Porto, he had total control and made signings and sold players according to his wish. But he delivered several titles for the club including the Champions League. When he moved to Chelsea, things were slightly different. Chelsea were run slightly differently from other English clubs where the manager was supreme. In Chelsea, the new ambitious owner, Russian Oligarch Roman Abramovich had a huge say in what players came in and went out. This made Jose feel insecure. But nevertheless he strived to take control of the club and delivered some titles. But the ego problem between the two reached critical point in 2007 and subsequently Jose left the club.

At Inter, it was a completely different story. He was given total control over the club. Because the owner had immense respect for Jose and trusted him in all things. Jose then made some very important signings and sold some big players. Finally he produced a team in his second season in charge which was very stable and productive and efficient. The team won the League, Champions League and the Copa Italia. Jose left the club with tears after that season, after Real Madrid offered to take him as manager.

At Real, the transfers were traditionally run by the Director General or the Director of Football. The manager’s job was to submit a shortlist of players to be purchased. And the Director of Football would go through the list and purchase players if he wants to. The manager had no say in any other matters in the club other than Team coaching and selection. Surprisingly Jose was quiet and never had anything to say about this system during the first part of the system. But during december, the Cold War between Jorge Valdano and Jose Mourinho became very evident. After Gonzalo Higuain was injured, Jose did not give chance for the 40 Million Pound striker Karim Benzema. Benzema was in very poor form for two seasons and so Jose did not play him. Instead he wanted to spend some money in the January Window for another striker. Valdano was completely against this and he openly criticized Jose in the media asking him to play Benzema. Finally, Adebayor was signed on loan. This incident clearly showed that Jose did not like to have someone over him and directing him. Subsequently at the end of the season, Perez sacked Valdano. Valdano after the sacking said that if his leaving would do good for the club, then he would be happy to leave.

Now Jose has complete control over the club. But now the pressure to deliver has doubled. And lets hope he does it.

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