The handy snipping tool!

Many of us don’t really know about a very useful tool called as the “Snipping Tool” in Windows 7. There will be several occasions when you would like to take a quick screenshot of your screen. For instance, you may want to take screen shot of an error message and post it in a support forum or something. You can of course use the Print Screen function of windows to take a screen shot. But its not very convenient. You’ll have to paste the image into an image editor and crop unwanted portions then get the output image. But this snipping tool is really useful. And Ive made the following video to demonstrate its use. Its a really simple tool that can be really useful sometimes.


 To Run it: 

use “snippingtool” command from “Run” dialog box.

or type Snipping tool in the search box in start Menu of Win7.


//Note: Sorry for the poor quality video. Ill fix it ASAP!

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