I Love Grooveshark!

Hey guyz! I love music but Im not too much into it like some people ( @yvinaykumar ). People like him download tons of music and listen to em. But I wanted the best of both worlds! I didnt want to download a lot of music, since my 500 gig HDD is already crammed with a lot games among other garbage! But I also wanted to have my music in one place and get access to unlimited music. Grooveshark gave me the solution! Its an awesome online music streaming website where people upload music and you can listen to ’em. And the best things is they provide you with a seperate library where you can store and organize your favorite tracks! And also there are many radio stations based on various genres that play random tracks of a particular genre. Now thats  awesome!

And it doesnt require much bandwidth as well. You can safely stream it and do other stuff at the same time. And btw, if you’re interested in my playlists… go here..  Dont be shocked by the amount of Taylor Swift songs I have… Im trying my best to stop listening to ’em! I hope they release an API or something so that we can develop desktop apps that connect to grooveshark without needing to browse to their webpage. But its available for Blackberry and Android. Tried it on my BB and its OK. I heard the Android one is pretty cool!

Anyway, bye!!!!


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