The Long raging War between Android and iOS

Hello World, This is my first blog post. Thanks to Steve. I like to discuss with you the features and drawbacks of the Android And the iPhone

Today the world without mobile phones is a nightmare. People go crazy over phones these days and there are instances in China where a person sold a kidney to buy a iPhone. Crazy isn’t it? People Like Steve rather find phones as a disturbance to privacy and is a beginner to the phone world now. Welcome to World of phones.

Talking about Android and iOS. Lets first compare their features and then come to their statistics. People lately have a big a confusion on choosing a phone. The question arises whether Android or iOS? The days of symbian phones have long and I don’t see any development in those systems too. They are very repetitive.

ios vs Android



Android, operating system, currently being shipped by Google is among the top rated mobile operating system today in the mobile market. It is an app centric system. The home screen is very simple and stripped down to many apps. The apps can be moved, deleted and new apps can be added on to the home screen. Every Android phone comes with four hard buttons on the bottom of the phone

  • Bringing up the context menu
  • The home screen
  • The button to go back
  • Search button

Android Home Screen

Overall the interface is simple and great but the feeling that the Android is half cooked is felt by the users. I have used Android phones for days (Sony Ericsson X8) and felt that the developers could have put more into the finals designing. The Android although it gives complete control to the user there are minor glitches on a user based perspective.

Talking about the advantages, the Android has full system config setting so that the user can also play around with the settings of the RAM and the hard disk and also tweak the performance of his device. Another advantage is Android is open sourced therefore the mobile phones rates are basically only the device rates. The applications in the Android market are vast and free and the number of apps has exceeded the iOS.

Disadvantages what I have noticed in using the Android is the using the Contacts tab where on tapping on the icon we will get all the contacts from all the sites like Gmail, Facebook, etc. Another Disadvantage is that the inbox in few Android phones stores universally i.e all the messages are stored in one folder “Messages” which includes inbox sent everything. This was later rectified using Android apps but still it is a great disadvantage for people who text a lot.



iOS on the iPhone is a clean connection with the hardware and the software. If your looking for a phone with great looks and an Operating system which is best integrated though its costly iPhone is your go. The iOS is jam packed with the loaded apps and many other apps are available on the App Store but only few are free. iOS provides one of the best home screens clean and neat with the best displays.
iOS home Screen

The interface is amazing and would make the user go nuts on using the phone. Even I am a great fan of the iOS but not able to buy one. The iOS does not give total control to the user but is like any licensed operating system with many abstracted features. Few great features in the iOS are easy control of home screen, great speed and flexibility in multitasking.

But when it comes to the iOS the disadvantages overcome it comes to advantages in a user perspective. The Bluetooth file transfer can be used only within iPhones and not with other phones and the unlock code needed to use the Phone is a big headache with users in India. Third Party apps and other user apps cannot be used on a iPhone unless it is jail broken but jail breaking the iPhone voids its warranty. Therefore we can use apps only reviewed and released by Apple which is one big big drawback.


If you want a great phone with a great interface, excellent features,etc go for iPhone if you ready to give up on file transfer and the other glitches.If you want a third gen high tech phone with a decent price tag on it go for the Android. If you ask me, your staying in India? GO FOR THE ANDROID. You can experiment a lot with it. If you want to try the same with the iOS you’ll end up with sleepless nights(a word of experience)

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