Welcome To Windows 8!

Windows 8
Windows Seven is one operating system which created havoc revolution all over the world. After the moderate failure of the Longhorn and Vista, Microsoft came out with the Windows 7 which is widespread all over the world. It is basically knows for its amazing GUI with requirements of very limited resources.

Now the world awaits the release of Windows 8, is it going to be ultimate or another broken bone in Microsoft’s back?

Windows 8
Windows 8 was first given an insight in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Microsoft announced that they would support “System on a chip”(Soc) and ARM processors in Windows 8. The ultimate feature in Windows 8 is that it would be used for touch interface as well as mice and keyboards.The start menu is replaced by the “Start Screen” which consists of live application tiles.
Windows 8
The user can browse the desktop using the desktop application and can use the start screen using the Start Button. The operating system can be applicable even on tablets and other handheld devices.
The new design is primarily developed for 16:9 resolution and larger resolutions can be displayed using Windows8 applications like “Snap”.1024×768 resolution will fit one application in full screen for Windows 8 and 1024X600 is used for traditional Windows desktop.

One great news is that Microsoft has confirmed that the hardware requirements for Windows 8 will be same or lower than that of Windows 8. So that’s something amazing. The predicted release date is around Sept 2011..

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