The iPhone Clone: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

The first time i looked at this phone i really thought its the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a close to perfect clone of the Apple iPhone. Samsung has declared Galaxy Ace as the best in the category. Samsung has hit out on all segments be it budget phones, smart phones or anything u name it, they have it. I haven’t used the phone much but after reading the reviews and user opinions online this is what i think. Running the Android 2.3, it is one of the few phones sporting this latest OS.

Physical Form
The Galaxy Ace sports a very classy look with Chrome frames behind the phone. The display is made of Gorilla glass which helps the Indian users who normally rough use the phone. It sports a resolution of 320×480. People say that the display is ain’t sharp as it looks.
The textured back of the phone helps in the better grip of the phone and weighing 113 grams the phone is pretty lightweight. The Ace’s physical factor is nothing out of the box just the same as any other smartphone. The top of the phone has the 3.5mm headphone slot and the micro USB slot for file transfer. The left has the volume buttons while the right has the memory card(Micro SD) slot and the lock button.

The Ace comes with the Android Froyo OS and the Samsung TouchWiz 3.0 user interface. The phone runs on a 800MHz ARM 11 processor and Adreno 200 Gpu board. The phone seems to be smooth to use but few apps and games felt sluggish on usage. The usage of touch screen is very good as the phone comes with a 3.5 inch capacitive touchscreen. The Swype keyboard helps the user to type faster once he gets used to it. He just have to move his fingers over the keyboard from word to word and the dictionary will recognize the word.
Talking about video Playback the phone will accept any format. Even High definition videos were very comfortable to watch. Using apps from the Market all formats can be played. The handset has Samsung’s DNSe sound enhancement and has a total of 12 presets. The headphones provided in the bundle is pretty good. We can say its a virtual 5.1 effect. The FM of the phone is RDS and the ability to catch signals even in closed areas.

The Samsung Galaxy Ace boasts a 5MP camera with LED flash. The camera which was shot outdoor was not that great (images are from Even Indoor the best performance of the camera was not seen. The camera has all the other features that a normal Android Phone has.
image from camera

Another Image Indoors

Another Image

The Phone does not support flash, however supporting Froyo the phone down speeds in 3G are upto 7.2 Mbps. The Phone is well adaptable and can find towers very fast in Wifi hot spots.

The battery supports a 3 Hour 30 minute Talk time and the battery life is too average. I suggest you turn off Wifi and Bluetooth when not in use to make sure your battery meter doesn’t reach the tail end.

The Phone priced around 14K is a decent buy leaving behind the drawback that it doesn’t support Xvid/DIvX and the image quality. If you ready to take these glitches the Ace is a good go and there are rumors that it can be upgraded to the Gingerbread too. (IF YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT THE UPGRADE LEAVE A COMMENT). GALAXY ACE IS A DECENT BUY WITH A GOOD INTERFACE AND EXCELLENT AUDIO QUALITY. I RATE IT 7.5/10

6 thoughts on “The iPhone Clone: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

  1. i got a samsung galaxy ace around christmas time 2011, and it has started to really glitch. after the first month and a half.i started to really dislike it. sometimes it was extremely slow, and for the past 2 months my camera has been taking terrible photos, even after focusing for a long period of time and changing the settings, it was all blury, i received a message, on the may 2/4 weekend and it came up in my notification list and in my messge icon, but it will NOT show up in my conversation list. i took it in and the guy said, there is not much to do. if anyone has any solutions, reply i guess!! πŸ™‚

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