“All Programs” empty in Windows 7 Start menu

I recently ran into a problem in my computer (Windows 7). I wanted to start Eclipse and as always, I opened up the start menu and started typing eclipse. On any other day, windows would show the Eclipse.exe even before typing the entire name. But that day nothing came up and I waited and waited and waited and finally some system files showed up. I was kinda surprised. I clicked the “All Programs” menu and was totally taken back! It was completely Empty! Ive never seen something like this before in my experience of using Windows 7.  I thought my Programs folder was deleted somehow or some access privileges were revoked or something. I tried all I could and couldn’t come up with a solution to the problem. I gave up and today I was goofin’ around and I thought I’d open up my Programs folder under “Users” Folder to see if I can fix this. I found too many programs that I never use in that folder. I started deleting them one by one. Then I got bored and shut down by PC and later started it again and to my surprise all the programs came back to the All Programs menu once again!

It seems Window’s 7 doesn’t like to have too many program shortcuts in the start menu. I haven’t done any research as to how many items it can hold. But I had nearly 80 – 90 items in that menu.

So if you have the same problem follow below steps to resolve it.

  • Open Start menu and right-click  “All Programs” and select “Open” if you want to delete current user’s program shortcuts or “Open All users” if you want to delete shortcuts for all users.
  • Now in the ensuing Win-Explorer window delete the unnecessary program shortcuts.
  • Log-off and then Log-on again and now the start menu should be back to normal!
Note: Deleting program shortcuts from “Programs” folder does not delete the actual application. You can safely remove stuff from this folder without affecting the functioning of any of your applications.
Steve Robinson

The iPhone Magic

Its been a real long time since i blogged. Its great to be back here.
Imagine, Your spending 34 to 40 k for your iPhone and you may ask me what is so special in it? It is just a normal phone just like other phones but oh yeah with special features like apps and all. But the story your going to hear now will make you awe about the iPhone.

In a recent CNN report a man named Jarod MCkinney and his wife went sky diving at the countryside Winstead, Minnesota. Prior to diving Jarod kept his iPhone in a Velcro shut pocket thinking it would be safe there. On landing he was surprised that couldn’t find his iPhone there, it was missing. So he used the Where’s my iPhone app from his iPad and found his iPhone on the roof of a factory quarter mile away. The iPhone had a fall from 13500 feet and still survived the fall giving out signals to the iPad. The iPhone was completely smashed but still could be used for making calls

Iphone Smashed

From this we can make two conclusions. An iPhone can survive a 13500 feet fall and Where’s My iPhone app works even in most countryside environment. Hope this gives ideas and confidence for people to jump with their iPhones:)

Java Chat Application (Local Loop) V1.0

Hey guyz! Ive started a new project based on Java’s Network programming capabilities using RMI etc. The aim of the project is a to develop a full fledged chat application with a standalone server managing multiple clients. It will also have authentication features and account management also. I completed stage one of the project, which was to develop a working prototype of a simple client/server chat application which uses TCP/IP sockets to communicate within a local LAN. Initially I thought of adding RMI capability to this prototype but I felt it would add more complexity to this basic model. So I scrapped that plan. The reason why Im not gonna use TCP sockets for subsequent stages is because of the problem of ports being closed by routers and firewalls. Port forwarding can fix this but it still is a major headache for amateurs. Hence I decided to use RMI which has tunneling capabilities.

Anyway, Ive generated runnable jars for the Server and Client. Ive also included the source files so that you can look at it and may be learn a couple of things or modify it for your use.

Here is the package:


Plans for stage 2:

Stage 2 of the project will incorporate RMI system into this prototype. I will be implementing the same system using RMI instead of TCP sockets and try running the application from remote systems. With some luck I should find some guys in my college who can lend me a hand in testing of the stage 2 application. It should be over by next week.



Some nice photos of heavies….

Here are few pics of some awesome looking heavies and some interesting landing approaches that I came across today….

Lets start!

Ahhh! A Virgin Atlantic Jumbo. Beautiful as always! BTW, note the message on the jet. “No way BA AA”, Branson used his airline to voice his opinion against the BA and American Airlines merger in 2010 which would affect other Cross Atlantic airlines. This photo was taken at Boston.


Virgin Atlantic 747 - Boston

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Fantasy Premier League

Hello people!

For the upcoming season I have decided to start a private league in the Fantasy Premier League website! The name of the league is Indian Premier League. If you have played or if you are thinking of playing it please join my league!

If you aren’t already registered  then you can register at http://fantasy.premierleague.com.
Once you have logged in and entered your team, click on the ‘Leagues’ link at the top of the page. On the Leagues page:

1. Select the ‘Join a league’ option

2. Choose private league

3. Now enter the code 221012-212470 to join the private league.

Its gonna be a really nice season this time. And there will be atleast one more week before the league starts because its bound to be postponed due to the Britain Riots.

On that thought, please pray for the peace in England. Things are getting way out of control. The images Im seeing on TV is very disturbing. Young kids 14, 15 and 16 year olds looting shops. This is utter nonsense and clearly copy-cat crime which must be punished! Lets hope things end soon for the sake of the safety of the innocent civilians and the British economy and the sports as well!



Boeing all set to make the first 787 delivery

After a wait of nearly 8 years, and 2 years after the first 787 took to the skies, Boeing is all set to deliver the first Dreamliner  to its launch customer, ANA (All Nippon Airways). The aircraft was delayed six times and cost Boeing billions of dollars to show that their new creation is ‘fly-safe’. Several orders were cancelled and airlines demanded compensation from Boeing. Even our airline, Air India asked Boeing to pay upto 1.5 Billion Dollars as compensation for the delays. Air India, by the way, has placed 27 orders and the first delivery is expected later this year. The aircraft known for its fuel economy and sleek interiors will be operated first as a charter flight between Tokyo and Hong Kong by ANA. When it was announced, it raised many eyebrows because of its revolutionary innovations like using lighter composite materials for most of the frame work and other parts which make the aircraft extremely light and durable and weather proof.

Whats with all the fuss?

You might wonder, “Whats the big deal? It’s just another aircraft that’s gonna fly up there.” But Dreamliner isnt just a typical aircraft. First of all since it is made of lighter materials it reduces fuel consumption. Boeing says that its the most fuel economic aircraft that it has ever made and says it will consume 20% less fuel than similar sized and ranged aircrafts. That reduction in the fuel consumption is primarily is credited to the advanced materials used for construction and also to the fuel efficient Rolce-Royce Trent 1000 Engines. And the engines are reportedly really quiet compared to other aircraft that use similar sized engines.

What an elegant looking bird!

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Top three free VPN apps for Multiplayer LAN Gaming

The usage of VPN (Virtual Private Network) applications has been on the rise. People of all ‘sizes’ and professions use it. From Corporates to kids at home, use VPN for several purposes. VPN has really good uses. You can read about it here. But were are gonna concentrate on multiplayer gaming via a VPN.

Games nowadays have generally have two multiplayer modes. One requires you to connect to the game’s servers and play and the other uses a LAN to play with your local friends. Pirated versions of games generally dont have access to the genuine game servers. Hence gamers resort to using VPN applications to establish a network connecting their friends in a virtual LAN and using the LAN mode of the game to play games. I have been using various VPN software over the years for playing a variety of games. My first experience with VPNs was with Log me in’s Hamachi which I used to use to play FIFA with my friends in school notably with @abi1ity. Ive used several VPNs but the three VPNs that stood out for me was Hamachi, Tunngle and Game Ranger as far as gaming is concerned. These three applications also had a massive user base that provided competition all the time. Lets see about each VPN, their pros and cons.

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