Some nice photos of heavies….

Here are few pics of some awesome looking heavies and some interesting landing approaches that I came across today….

Lets start!

Ahhh! A Virgin Atlantic Jumbo. Beautiful as always! BTW, note the message on the jet. “No way BA AA”, Branson used his airline to voice his opinion against the BA and American Airlines merger in 2010 which would affect other Cross Atlantic airlines. This photo was taken at Boston.


Virgin Atlantic 747 - Boston

Looks like flame doesn’t it? Its just an A340 deicing in Moscow. Oh yeah, Its not “just” an A340. Sorry about that 😀


Emirates A340 - Moscow

Changi International in Singapore was one of the first airports where the A380 flew to. This picture is of the first A380 doing a demo at Changi. Amazing isnt it? The whole aircraft is almost longer than the bridge which runs over a dual fourway lane! Note the Singapore Airlines label on the fuselage.


Singapore Airlines A380 - Changi, Singapore

San Fransisco! Where else do you get such awesome moments? A Lufthansa 747 and an United Airlines 757 side by side.


United Airlines B757 - SFO

The old Kai Tak airport in Hong Kong is known for its highly risky and difficult landing approaches. Its closed now and the below pics show why….


United Airlines 747 - Kai Tak (Closed), Hong Kong


Singapore Airlines (SQ) - 747 - Kai Tak, Hong Kong

How do you expect pilots to land 747s in such an airport? Imagine the emotion of the passengers on board!

Credits for the photos go to! Thanks guyz!


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