Java Chat Application (Local Loop) V1.0

Hey guyz! Ive started a new project based on Java’s Network programming capabilities using RMI etc. The aim of the project is a to develop a full fledged chat application with a standalone server managing multiple clients. It will also have authentication features and account management also. I completed stage one of the project, which was to develop a working prototype of a simple client/server chat application which uses TCP/IP sockets to communicate within a local LAN. Initially I thought of adding RMI capability to this prototype but I felt it would add more complexity to this basic model. So I scrapped that plan. The reason why Im not gonna use TCP sockets for subsequent stages is because of the problem of ports being closed by routers and firewalls. Port forwarding can fix this but it still is a major headache for amateurs. Hence I decided to use RMI which has tunneling capabilities.

Anyway, Ive generated runnable jars for the Server and Client. Ive also included the source files so that you can look at it and may be learn a couple of things or modify it for your use.

Here is the package:

Plans for stage 2:

Stage 2 of the project will incorporate RMI system into this prototype. I will be implementing the same system using RMI instead of TCP sockets and try running the application from remote systems. With some luck I should find some guys in my college who can lend me a hand in testing of the stage 2 application. It should be over by next week.



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