The iPhone Magic

Its been a real long time since i blogged. Its great to be back here.
Imagine, Your spending 34 to 40 k for your iPhone and you may ask me what is so special in it? It is just a normal phone just like other phones but oh yeah with special features like apps and all. But the story your going to hear now will make you awe about the iPhone.

In a recent CNN report a man named Jarod MCkinney and his wife went sky diving at the countryside Winstead, Minnesota. Prior to diving Jarod kept his iPhone in a Velcro shut pocket thinking it would be safe there. On landing he was surprised that couldn’t find his iPhone there, it was missing. So he used the Where’s my iPhone app from his iPad and found his iPhone on the roof of a factory quarter mile away. The iPhone had a fall from 13500 feet and still survived the fall giving out signals to the iPad. The iPhone was completely smashed but still could be used for making calls

Iphone Smashed

From this we can make two conclusions. An iPhone can survive a 13500 feet fall and Where’s My iPhone app works even in most countryside environment. Hope this gives ideas and confidence for people to jump with their iPhones:)

4 thoughts on “The iPhone Magic

  1. i thought all this was just nonsense till today, when my iohone slipped and fell, the screen cracked horribilly like the pic above, n it WORKED!! shocked wasnt te word! they say take care of ur iphone cstly blah blah.. feel bad if u lose not if u break it lol

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