The 12 year old alcoholic

Couple of days ago I witnessed a shocking scene in my town. I thought I’d share this here. I was waiting for my college bus at my bus stop which is adjacent to a liquor shop. And near the shop there is a small passage where people throw empty bottles, water packets, plastic tumblers and all other stuff that you would expect to see near such a place. And that day, I saw a little boy who I think would be only 12 or 13 years old, and he came over to that shop, went into the passage collected some empty bottles and some water packets and a tumbler. And he came out and I thought he was gonna sell this or something. But what he did after that was totally shocking! He poured the left over from the liquor bottles into the tumbler and mixed it with the some water from the packets. And he looked at me and I knew he was gonna drink it, and when I took a step toward him, he poured the entire thing into his mouth and ran off! Ive never seen a kid do such a thing and I was totally taken aback! One of my friends came over and I told him what I saw and what he said was even more shocking! He told me that he had seen this kid many times doing this. And I was like “Oh God! No! No!”

We can’t let such things happen in our society! May be on the long run, the standards of our people in the slums may rise and they may get more educated and parents wont let children do such things. But we should do something as a short term solution to such things. In my state Tamil Nadu all the liquor shops are state controlled. So the government can better regulate these shops. They can impose rules that don’t allow people to drink in front of shops and use only the bars. And they can ask the vendors to keep the area clean. Regular inspections can be done to ensure the rules are being followed correctly. This way I feel a good percentage of such children wont be able to do such a thing and more kids wont be tempted to do this as well!

What I saw that day was truly shocking and whenever I go over to that place I get reminded of it and I could still remember the way he glanced at me. He looked like he had been possessed by some demon or something. Imagine what that boy would become when he grows up… He may not even grow up, he may become infected with diseases and die soon. We have to do something!


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