Kubuntu anyone?

From what I saw with GNOME, its way too simple and most of the features have been hidden to promote simplicity. Well, after using Windows, using GNOME was way way too toy-like. Hence I decided to switch to KDE (Kubuntu) based on advice from a friend. I first thought I would have to remove Ubuntu completely and then install Kubuntu. But he said, its kinda easy to switch over to KDE without having to install ubuntu all over again. And the process was kinda easy. I just had to install the kubuntu-desktop package and reboot. And voila! I had both GNOME and KDE. The login manager allows you to select where GNOME or KDE must be used for the session. It was as simple as that.

Just use this command,

sudo apt-get install kubuntu-desktop

About 175 Mb will be downloaded and it will ask whether you want to use the KDE login manager or the default GNOME login manager. I liked the GNOME one, so I selected the default Ubuntu login manager (GNOME). And now the UI was more like windows and I finally found the font anti-aliasing option that I was searching for. The text rendered by the broswers were too blurry and gave me headaches. Windows uses clear-type to render fonts properly. After enabling it the fonts looked better!

Anyway from what I read online about differences between KDE and GNOME, If you’re a serious developer or a techie I’d recommended KDE. GNOME is like having advanced settings hidden in Windows. Not for me šŸ™‚


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