Take a Step, Make a Path.


Roads – Electricity – Water – Garbage – Walkway

These words don’t trouble you much, until you face some problems out of it.

Here are few,

1. You would have never cared for Bad Roads, until one of your relatives or friends has lost their life in a Road Accident because of bad road conditions.

2. You would have never cared for Bad Electricity, until one of the nearby schools had a fire accident because of Electricity problems.

3. You would have never cared for Water Problems, until the overhead tank of your Apartment had no water because of no water supply.

4. You would have never cared for Garbage dumps, until you smell it from inside your home because of an open garbage bin nearby.

5. You would have never cared for Bad Walkways, until you tripped over something and broke your hands or…

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Docker for Dummies

I came across this wonderful new tool recently through my boss. Although it took time to taste it (atleast to some extent), I soon realized the awesomeness of Docker. So I wanted to write a blog on what Docker is and the Dummy’s guide to using it (no offence intended to the readers ;). So what is Docker? Here’s what Docker.io says,

Docker is an open-source project to easily create lightweight, portable, self-sufficient containers from any application. The same container that a developer builds and tests on a laptop can run at scale, in production, on VMs, bare metal, OpenStack clusters, public clouds and more.


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Simple JavaScript templating with jquery-tmpl

When writing applications where you fetch data asynchronously from the server and render it to the user using AJAX you would have to deal with building DOM elements that would markup(v) the data. One way to avoid writing ugly looking strings of HTML in your JavaScript is to fetch the markup(n) directly from the server. But that would mean blurring the lines of separation of concerns. It would be nice if you had some kind of template HTML with placeholders for data where you could drop in the data fetched from your server and render it to the user. Well, JavaScript templating engines provide just that!

I said templating engines. Yes there are several engines that would cater to such needs of yours. But in this post we are going to look at a very basic yet powerful but relatively old engine, the JQuery Template or simply JQuery Tmpl. Its pretty easy to use. This post will be a small tutorial to using JavaScript templates for people who haven’t tried templating before. We will go through the basics of JQuery templates and then see an example usage.

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Making a comeback!

Its been over 10 or so months since I wrote a blog. I love the blogging culture. Its something everyone should try. We get so much out of blogs written by others but we never think about returning the favor. Well, I am actually talking about what I was doing these past 10 months. After I started developing Rails applications all I have been doing was reading article after article, several pages of documentation and tons of code. I learned so much from other people. I’ve faced hundreds of day to day problems from authentication to real time updates. But I never cared to write even a single blog about any of this. A friend of mine told me that he was going to try Rails and asked if I had good tutorials written in my blog. That question made me think. I’m not the greatest Rails developer on earth. And I’m not a bad one either. But I love Rails and Ruby. And if I truly love Rails then I shouldn’t just sit tight and keep churning out code. I should rather be spreading the love! So I started asking myself whether I truly love Rails or if it’s just a crush that’s going to fade away after few months like the ones I’ve had with C# and .Net, Java, Android etc. (I really don’t like the direction this blog is taking!). But I also knew that if I did not love Rails truly I would not have let go of two huge opportunities to work at large corporations and joined a totally unstable startup that was formed over a cup of coffee and few handshakes. BTW, that startup went south after few months and now I am in another awesome company. Ill talk more about this in the coming blog.

Alright. Now I know for sure that I love Rails. But the only problem is that I’m not doing anything about it. I haven’t contributed to Rails or other open source projects except to a couple of gems. So basically I haven’t done anything. That is why I’ve decided to start writing again. What I write might be very trivial for some but may make the day for others! Who cares as long as atleast one person gets benefited. That’s what the blogging culture is all about. Right? I’ve promised myself that I would post four blogs in a week. Don’t know if its too ambitious. But lets see. I wish the buses in our country had enough space to use a laptop comfortably. Funny thing is I think about this while I’m standing in the bus without a place to sit! Anyway lets see how it goes. And I realized today that my theme is so boring. Need to find a good minimalist design. That’s the way way I like it.

Id like to conclude this blog by telling you folks about the beta release of www.changebadtogood.com! Its a platform where you can share the various street level issues you face in your day to day life. It can be anything from broken roads to stagnant water and from voltage fluctuation issues to garbage disposal problems. You can locate the issue on a map and provide a rating for it. You could also attach a photograph to help describe the issue you are sharing. Its currently in beta and lacks few features. We are working hard on it whenever we get spare time and will have a decent release by the end of next week. We think and hope that this application will help start a revolution that would eventually help the government take note and cleanup our streets and roads.

That’s all for now. Cya folks!