24 Pull Requests

We all (I) are usually in a stage where we really want to contribute to Open Source projects but are not sure where to start or what to do. One solid conclusion that I resorted to was that you need to focus on building stuff with the tools you love and eventually you will automatically start contributing to it. This is a proven and IMHO the right way. That said, we all want to help other developers and projects even if we don’t use those projects quite often just because of the fact that we love how Open Source works! But then we go back to square one where we are not sure where to start. This is where initiatives like 24 Pull Requests come in.

24 Pull Requests (24PR) encourages developers to ‘gift’ code to projects in the days leading up to Christmas in December. They have a nice website where you can see your pull requests and you can select the pull request that you wanna gift for a particular day. I came across this a year ago but never took interest. But this time I badly wanted to contribute somehow and the timing could not have been better. The great thing about 24PR is the way they suggest projects for us to contribute. Most of these projects have amazingly friendly maintainers who would love to have your code. This gave a much needed kick-start and I’ve started contributing albeit in a very small way. But I am sure this is going to give me a great experience that’s gonna help me realize my desire to contribute more to the community which has given me everything as a developer.

I have decided to translate the 24 Pull Requests website into Tamil with help from couple of my colleagues. The work is partly over. Cant wait to see this project in my beloved language!

Go on! Don’t just sit there, there are only a few days left for Christmas. Get some pull requests in!

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