Flames is a popular game or technique used to calculate the chemistry between two persons.

It is done as follows,

1. The total number of distinct characters are counted from both names.

2. Then “FLAMES” is written on a paper and starting from F, we need to move through the word, a certain number of charachters, equal to the number of dictinct charachters. If the number exceeds the total lenght, then we resume from F again.

3. At the end of each movement, the character at which we end is stroked out.

4. This is repeated until only one charachter remains.

5. Depending upon the last character, the decision is made.

  • F – Friends
  • L – Loosers
  • A – Affectionate
  • M – Morons
  • E – Enemies
  • S – Siblings

One of my friends in college taught me this and asked me to help him do a program for this. So we finally ended up with the below program. There is nothing difficult in this. There are basically two sections. One section finds out the number of distinct characters and the other traverses through the string to find the decisive character. A string object is used for easy insertion and deletion of characters.

You can find the C++ code here:


I had made a GUI front end using C#. You can download the executable along with a dll from this link.


If you are interested in the C# source code, please leave your request in the comments section. Ill provide it.  Feel free to post your comments and questions!

– Steve Robinson