Take a Step, Make a Path.


Roads – Electricity – Water – Garbage – Walkway

These words don’t trouble you much, until you face some problems out of it.

Here are few,

1. You would have never cared for Bad Roads, until one of your relatives or friends has lost their life in a Road Accident because of bad road conditions.

2. You would have never cared for Bad Electricity, until one of the nearby schools had a fire accident because of Electricity problems.

3. You would have never cared for Water Problems, until the overhead tank of your Apartment had no water because of no water supply.

4. You would have never cared for Garbage dumps, until you smell it from inside your home because of an open garbage bin nearby.

5. You would have never cared for Bad Walkways, until you tripped over something and broke your hands or…

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A handy tool for our college staff

Hello people!! Its been a really long while since I posted anything here. Its been a really good 6 or 7 months for me both academically and personally. Been through a lot of changes, learnt new stuff, decided on my main field of interest etc! Well… the main thing is, Im Back! Ive jumped over to the Ruby on Rails platform now. And I think I love this platform. Its a joy to write code in Ruby and extra joy to use the goodies provided by Rails.

I also have undertaken a project for my college to manage marks and attendance which is almost complete. I will write an exclusive post about that in coming days.

Ok. Before I begin this post I cant help mentioning how good Chelsea are performing this season! 😀 We’re on course for a Title win! 🙂

Ok okay… My college’s management is very demanding. When our university results come, the staff are required to get the results from the results websites, analyse the results and generate reports on the very same day which can be a really challenging and tiresome task given the large number of students in each batch.

I always wanted to help then out by giving them an easy way around this cumbersome job. Ive tried finding loopholes and vulnerabilities in the University Server but hit dead ends all the time. Finally I decided that the only way (atleast for me) to get the results was to parse the results from the website directly from the HTML page. I had this idea in mind but did not implement it until the results came for my 6th semester!

That night I was reading stuff when one of my friends texted me saying that the results have come. I opened the results website without any sorta excitement or expectations 😉 coz I already know that Anna University (the uni to which my college is affiliated to) is known for throwing big surprises. And they did not dissapoint! An average result once again (for me). Well I had to do something to divert my mind. So I thought of writing the app to download the results! 😀 And my word! It was a brilliant idea 🙂
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Why this topic Foreign Author vs Local Author ?

If you WERE , ARE or WILL take up Engineering or any Professional Course then this topic is sure to hit your mind at some point of time.

Everyone loves to be the best Engineer hoping to work on some creative stuff and do great innovations. But the point is “Does the education system of today teaches us to be creative?”

I felt i would become a notable Engineer who will be recognised for some great works one day, when i first entered my college. But they were nothing different from my school.The Whole System was focused on Marks.Education systems of today are trying to achieve marks rather than knowledge.Its so strange where some colleges even provide notes for the students to prepare for exams ! :-/ OMG Why would they do that ? We are not school kids…

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Digvijaya Singh and his Theories!

There are certain people in the Indian political front who always have something interesting and controversial to say. Congress General Secretary Digvijaya Singh is certainly one of the them. He is known for taking a jibe at anyone and I repeat anyone who challenges the UPA government in anyway. His most controversial comments include calling Baba Ramdev a thug (which he is actually 😉 ) among others. Anyway, nowadays he has become more of a conspiracy theorist weaving stories and theories that link the RSS with the people whom he sees as the political and social opponents of the Congress.

His jibe at Ramdev came during the latter’s fast at the Ramlila Maidan which indeed in a fiasco which we all know. He also claimed Ramdev’s fast was backed by the the RSS and it turned out to be true. And then when Anna started his fast, Singh, to everyone’s surprise, said that the entire Anna Hazare movement was completely backed and supported by the RSS! Everybody ridiculed him and the BJP was especially critical of him and he took a lot of flak from members of team Anna as well. But his allegation seemed have some truth when key RSS leaders came out and issued statements that the RSS was one of the driving force behind the movement. Digvijaya was right the second time! Now he made another massive statement about links between Anna himself and the BJP.

He said that the BJP have been planning to make Anna Hazare their Presidential candidate! Now thats a big prediction. There’s some time left before we can say anything about this. But I must admin. This is one outrageous prediction by Digvijaya Singh!

Now recently he has been talking about his so called ABC Theory. Its about RSS’s three big plans to derail the UPA.

Plan A: Use Baba Ramdev -> Crashed

Plan B: Use Anna Hazare -> Question Mark

Plan C: Use Sri Sri Ravi Shankar -> Soon to begin

This is what he had to say to the media.

“First they brought Baba Ramdev, and when he was exposed they came with Anna. We have heard now they are trying to bring Sri Sri Ravishankar ji. I have always been saying from day one that all these are over all plans of the RSS, Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) combine. They want to divert the attention of the people of the country. From the issue of involvement of Sangh activists in terror act in Malegaon, Ajmer dargah, Hyderabad, Samjhauta express, so it’s overall plan to divert attention from corruption done by BJP members”

His above comments were ridiculed by both Ravi Shankar and Ravi Shankar Prasad (BJP Spokesperson). I wonder whats going on in his mind. People nowadays view him as a buffoon. I see him being abused on twitter. When media approached Arvind Kejriwal to respond to his theory, he said “Mr. Digvijaya Singh’s statements are not worthy to be commented upon”.

We’ll just wait and see how this “Great Indian Brawl” pans out. The upcoming Winter Parliament Session should be interesting.