Top three free VPN apps for Multiplayer LAN Gaming

The usage of VPN (Virtual Private Network) applications has been on the rise. People of all ‘sizes’ and professions use it. From Corporates to kids at home, use VPN for several purposes. VPN has really good uses. You can read about it here. But were are gonna concentrate on multiplayer gaming via a VPN.

Games nowadays have generally have two multiplayer modes. One requires you to connect to the game’s servers and play and the other uses a LAN to play with your local friends. Pirated versions of games generally dont have access to the genuine game servers. Hence gamers resort to using VPN applications to establish a network connecting their friends in a virtual LAN and using the LAN mode of the game to play games. I have been using various VPN software over the years for playing a variety of games. My first experience with VPNs was with Log me in’s Hamachi which I used to use to play FIFA with my friends in school notably with @abi1ity. Ive used several VPNs but the three VPNs that stood out for me was Hamachi, Tunngle and Game Ranger as far as gaming is concerned. These three applications also had a massive user base that provided competition all the time. Lets see about each VPN, their pros and cons.

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