RIP Steve Jobs

Today, the world woke up to a very distressing news that, “Steve Jobs is no more” The main driving force behind most of APPLE’s innovations is dead. Though not an Apple lover myself, I still was a huge admirer of Jobs as a Business Maverick who changed the face of the world with his creations and innovations. May his soul Rest in Peace.'s tribute


The iPhone Magic

Its been a real long time since i blogged. Its great to be back here.
Imagine, Your spending 34 to 40 k for your iPhone and you may ask me what is so special in it? It is just a normal phone just like other phones but oh yeah with special features like apps and all. But the story your going to hear now will make you awe about the iPhone.

In a recent CNN report a man named Jarod MCkinney and his wife went sky diving at the countryside Winstead, Minnesota. Prior to diving Jarod kept his iPhone in a Velcro shut pocket thinking it would be safe there. On landing he was surprised that couldn’t find his iPhone there, it was missing. So he used the Where’s my iPhone app from his iPad and found his iPhone on the roof of a factory quarter mile away. The iPhone had a fall from 13500 feet and still survived the fall giving out signals to the iPad. The iPhone was completely smashed but still could be used for making calls

Iphone Smashed

From this we can make two conclusions. An iPhone can survive a 13500 feet fall and Where’s My iPhone app works even in most countryside environment. Hope this gives ideas and confidence for people to jump with their iPhones:)

Happy Birthday Dear DOS


Guess What? DOS turns 30. DOS stands Disk Operating System and the MS in MS-DOS stands for Microsoft. It is one of the oldest operating system that was used widely a decade ago. This operating system as I remember was the first thing which was taught in my primaries along with a language like GW-BASIC not sure. The last operating system to use DOS startup disks was Windows XP. Games like WOLF 3D originated from DOS.

The latest commercial product in DOS is DOS 6.22


Decades Later we still find it on Windows. To access it go to run-> and type cmd.
To Learn more about dos and download dos apps and games visit

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The iPhone Clone: Samsung Galaxy Ace S5830

The first time i looked at this phone i really thought its the iPhone. The Samsung Galaxy Ace is a close to perfect clone of the Apple iPhone. Samsung has declared Galaxy Ace as the best in the category. Samsung has hit out on all segments be it budget phones, smart phones or anything u name it, they have it. I haven’t used the phone much but after reading the reviews and user opinions online this is what i think. Running the Android 2.3, it is one of the few phones sporting this latest OS.

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iPhone 4…Worth The $$$$?


The tag line says you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone. Maybe its true in few cases. This post is a review on the latest buzz in the market, yes, the iPhone4
If your confused about buying the iPhone4 my review may help you make a proper decision. This is fourth generation model of the iPhone and Apple Inc has been constantly increasing the quality of the device from time to time. A good competitor to the iPhone4 is very tough to select or lets say all phones are trying to play catch up to the extreme UI experience of the iPhone4
iphone 4 design
So iPhone4 is officially released in India after one year of its announcement and is available to two carriers now Airtel & Aircel and the unlocked versions are available on many stores like Croma and Imagine.

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Welcome To Windows 8!

Windows 8
Windows Seven is one operating system which created havoc revolution all over the world. After the moderate failure of the Longhorn and Vista, Microsoft came out with the Windows 7 which is widespread all over the world. It is basically knows for its amazing GUI with requirements of very limited resources.

Now the world awaits the release of Windows 8, is it going to be ultimate or another broken bone in Microsoft’s back?

Windows 8
Windows 8 was first given an insight in the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas where Microsoft announced that they would support “System on a chip”(Soc) and ARM processors in Windows 8. The ultimate feature in Windows 8 is that it would be used for touch interface as well as mice and keyboards.The start menu is replaced by the “Start Screen” which consists of live application tiles.
Windows 8
The user can browse the desktop using the desktop application and can use the start screen using the Start Button. The operating system can be applicable even on tablets and other handheld devices.
The new design is primarily developed for 16:9 resolution and larger resolutions can be displayed using Windows8 applications like “Snap”.1024×768 resolution will fit one application in full screen for Windows 8 and 1024X600 is used for traditional Windows desktop.

One great news is that Microsoft has confirmed that the hardware requirements for Windows 8 will be same or lower than that of Windows 8. So that’s something amazing. The predicted release date is around Sept 2011..